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Baby Bilby Felting Kit

'Sleeping Aussie Baby' Bilby Felting Kit

Project 6, Level 2


The biggest lesson from the Bilby Feltorial is the ears. I will show you how to create the largest and finest in the series so far. These ears are created to look more like skin than fur and I will show you how to create more detail and expression with ears and why it’s important.


The snout of the Bilby is just like a little pig and there are some tips and tricks on how we can achieve this. More whiskers and a new technique to create a very pronounced and slender snout will enhance and reinforce the lessons learned in the Phascogale Feltorial.


There are loads of instructional photos to help you with the heavier body sculpting and brand new techniques for creating the spectacular plumed tail. All of this and more to prepare you for the next challenge as we cross the half way mark in the Sleeping Aussie Babies Series.


Included in the kit:

  • A ball of light Romney core, about 8-10 gms.
  • Black Corriedale, about 2 gms.
  • Light Grey Corriedale, about 2 gms.
  • White Corriedale, about 2-3 gms.
  • Raw Gold Corriedale, about 5 gms.
  • Grey Shetland, about 5 gms.
  • Black Merino, about 1 gm.
  • Pink Merino, less than 1 gm.
  • Size 32, 36, and 38 needle.
  • Whiskers
  • Wooden Skewer


Downloadable PDF Feltorial with the instructions.

NOT included are Felting foam (any foam will do, like car sponge), hot water bottle, liquid soap, rubber gloves, Iron, Scissors, White Glue, Tweezers and Pink Marker which you will need. 


To spare nature there are no printed instructions in the kit, you will receive a link to download an extensive PDF Feltorial. 

You can also purchase only the Feltorial: Shop - Feltorials


Why don't you give it a try. One stab at a time, I can guarantee you will enjoy it.

Baby Bilby Felting Kit

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