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About Reena

Hi! I'm Reena

My needle felting journey started when my sister gave me a needle. I was immediately addicted and became completely obsessed with this magical stabbing. Being originally trained as a Costume designer, the freedom of needle felting resonated with me immediately. I started experimenting with different techniques and materials, creating some wonderful master pieces. Soon people were asking me to teach them and I was invited to exhibit my work. 


As a professional fibre artist, I’m now realising my vision of helping more people online to discover this amazing artform. I call it ‘Acupuncture for the Soul’. It’s a mindful distraction from stress, anxiety and depression. I mean it’s a whole load of stabbing after all. I just love to share my experiences so I can encourage, inspire and empower others to find freedom through creation. It’s a wonderful feeling to create something so tactile and emotionally charged and even better to see someone else achieve this.

I have created many courses from my "Sleeping Aussie Baby Series" for my advanced illusionary realism techniques to the "Fun Series" for a more robust toy and now introducing the brand new "Nitty Gritty Series" of single techniques and tasks.


Needle felting is very simple, however if you want to become a master you must apply yourself at a dedicated level.

Just keep stabbing!



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