About Reena

Hi! I'm Reena

My needle felting journey started when my sister gave me a needle. I was immediately addicted and became completely obsessed with this magical stabbing. Being originally trained as a Costume designer, the freedom of needle felting resonated with me immediately. I started experimenting with different techniques and materials, creating some wonderful master pieces. Soon people were asking me to teach them and I was invited to exhibit my work. 


As a professional fibre artist, I’m now realising my vision of helping more people online to discover this amazing form of art. I call it ‘Acupuncture of the Soul’. It’s a mindful distraction from stress, anxiety and depression. I mean it’s a whole load of stabbing after all! I just love to share my experiences and encourage, inspire and empower others to find freedom through creation. It’s a wonderful feeling to create something so tactile and emotionally charged and even better to see someone else achieve this.


Aussie Animals and Aussie Farmers with odd wool have become my passion. That’s why I created a beginner needle felting tutorial series based on endangered and extinct species, my Sleeping Aussie Babies. I believe in supporting local wildlife refuge ventures with donations and like to buy Australian as much as I can. It feels good that my felted sculptures not only contribute to the creativity and wellbeing of the creator but also to the local community.


Needle felting is very simple, however if you want to become a master you must apply yourself at a dedicated level.

Just keep stabbing!




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