Zoom Classes

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Hi! I'm Reena

I have been Needle Felting for many years now and as the popularity of this art-form grows, so does the need for classes.

In this new world of ours the need for virtual classes has been even more popular, however there are still those who wish to have an actual class with a group of like minded creatives.

This is why we have now provided the service of a ZOOM class and the reason we have an accredited SAB Instructor who can manage in-person venues in the south west of Western Australia.

Bev Prideaux is a highly accomplished Needle Felt Artist in her own right and was creating native animals before meeting me. Now that she has completed the entire SAB Series, her work has excelled in the detail department.

Is this detail something you would like to learn? Get a group together and begin your journey into my world of "illusionary realism" today!

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