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Kerry Reid, Two Bridges Romney

My family and I moved to our 60ac farm in Paynedale about 13 years ago after we decided 8.5 ac block wasn’t big enough.
As a child my family used to spend holidays on my dads cousins merino farm I’m Waigin, WA and I just loved it. My dad was also a ranger and he often bought home orphaned lambs which we would raise and this is where I found my love for sheep and all animals.
I have a BA in Fine Art and I love the textiles side of art and love to create. I had always wanted to learn how to spin wool and so my search for a long wool breed began and I eventually settled on Romney’s. As they are extremely rare in WA it’s very costly to import new bloodlines into WA but I’m committed to improving the bloodlines.
I try to promote the Romney’s and other heritage sheep breeds here in the Southwest of WA. I also have a couple of Cheviots and along with some other breeders we take out heritage sheep to the Perth Royal show and other agricultural shows in the Southwest.

Diane Della Vedova, Snake Hill Bridgetown

At my farm in Bridgetown I produce mostly soaps, shampoo bars, loofahs, soap bags, hats and smudge sticks. I also have coloured and white sheep fleeces (Merino and Corriedale) available.

Our aim is to produce products or fresh produce that is grown and made on Snake Hill using natural fibres or ingredients and chemical free methods. We recycle and re-purpose when and where possible. All products are hand made. 

You can follow Diane on Facebook:

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