"I find the exercise of teaching to be one of the most rewarding and balancing parts of my artistic venture. The idea of always being a learner does resonate with me as I'm a big experimenter. I embrace change and feel it's important to evolve in all aspects of life but essential for the inner artist.

With the changes our world has seen lately we are happy to take advantage of the great new technology and announce virtual classes via ZOOM.

We also have an accredited SAB Instructor for those who want an in-person experience.


The empowering environment of workshops is highly addictive. All of those creative minds together is a powerful force. Everyone has something to contribute and the elation of each student when they watch their lump of fluff come to life makes me very happy indeed. 

I would love to experience this with you and your friends soon.

Book me now!"


Reena is available for Needle Felting Workshops throughout Australia via ZOOM. The workshop will be dedicated to creating the "Sleeping Aussie Baby" Series. The workshop is great for beginner needle felters and more advanced alike. If your group is already familiar with needle felting we can choose a more advanced project. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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'Everyone who has seen my little numbat has been enchanted by him, and then of course I wax lyrical about needle felting “stabbing”!'
- Jill Randall
Art A Peel, Mandurah