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Teaching is one of the most rewarding and balancing parts of my artistic venture. I also love learning and experimenting.

I embrace change and respect it's importance in the evolution of all aspects of life but find it to be essential for the growth of the inner artist.


As much as I want to show every person in the world how easy this is, truth be known I can't be everywhere at once, so I have trained up others to help you discover your inner "stabby" magic.


In person workshops are available in some areas of the South West of Western Australia, with accredited RLC Teacher, Bev Prideaux.

If you would like to be considered to become an accredited RLC Teacher then contact us today!


Reena is available for Needle Felting Workshops throughout Australia via her School of Stabbing. These online feltorials are dedicated to teaching you her unique style of illusionary realism with the"Sleeping Aussie Baby Series." Perfect for beginners and experienced alike as her style is .


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'Everyone who has seen my little Numbat has been enchanted by him, and then of course I waxed lyrical about needle felting "stabbing”!'
- Jill Randall
Art A Peel, Mandurah
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