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I would like everybody to experience the wonders of needle felting. To get you all addicted to the needle I'm offering FREE tutorials to start your first sculptures or if you are already under the spell to provide you with some inspiration for your next projects.


Stay tuned as I will update this page regularly.

Have fun and just keep stabbing!




Inspiration comes from all sorts of places for me.

A small backpack that I have with a watermelon print on it was enough to initiate this mouthwatering masterpiece. I would love to inspire you to make one or two pieces. They make wonderful key rings, look great on the kitchen shelf and would make an original gift.


And... you know I love all you dedicated stabbers,

this one's on me, absolutely FREE.


Have fun and when you finished your melon show me on


Granny Prid's Apple

I have been inspired by fellow fibre artist Bev Prideaux ( to create an Apple for a children’s project. I have designed an easy to follow PDF with great time saving techniques. The ball shape is a perfect project for learning the importance of pointing the needle in the right direction. 


And... because I want to show my appreciation to you all,

I would like to gift this little gem to you for FREE.


Have fun and when you have finished your apple show me on


An Ellie from Nelly

When I released my first batch of Aussie Outback Core,

I included the Promotional Feltorial: An Ellie from Nelly, as a little gift. At the moment I'm SOLD OUT of core wool, but I would like to gift this little gem to you for FREE.


You can use any core wool you have lying around,

it might not work as well as Nelly, but I'm sure you will have lots of fun creating this lovely little Elephant. 


Just for interest sake Nelly is a Poll Dorset.

Sleeping Aussie Baby: the Numbat

I've created an extensive online video course to take you from beginner needle felter to advanced in my style of illusionary realism. The course consists of 12 projects (the Sleeping Aussie Babies). The first beginner project of the series is the Numbat. 

This course retails for $19 but by using the CODE: NUMBUB

on the check out page you can now enroll for FREE

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