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Baby Koala Felting Kit

Needle Felting Kit: 'Sleeping Aussie Baby' Koala

Project 9 - Level 3.


Welcome to the first of my advanced projects. I am going to introduce you to armatures now and with this adorable Koala you will create one hand with fingers that move and an arm that can hold or hang. The other front arm is created as an illusion, with the head resting on it. The head is created to move for expressive posturing and the needle and thread are introduce as support crew for detail and structure. I will also teach you how to use your felting needle as a crochet hook.


This project takes reverse felting to the next level and I will show you the method I devised to create my hyper realistic native art works. The claws are made with a new technique and are still made of wool with his nose taking what you learned in the Bilby to another level. The use of synthetic fibre and white glue creating the leather look.


I will not be showing you how to create the core at this level. I will be referring you back to other creatures and for the Koala you will refer back to his closet relative, the Wombat. This Feltorial is all about the armature, reverse felting, adding a scruff, enhancing the features with permanent markers and oil pastels, not to mention extensive grooming skills.


In 56 pages, with over 300 pictures and written instructions, Reena takes you step by step through the process of creating your own Koala. 

Included in the kit:

  • A ball of (dark) Romney core or any other core wool about 20 gms.
  • Light Romney, less than 1 gm. 
  • Dark Grey Corriedale 15 gms.
  • Light Grey Corriedale 10 gms.
  • Red Brick, Camel, Dark Chocolate, Pink Skin, Mixed Light Grey and Black Merino, less than 1gm of each colour.
  • Raw Gold Corriedale, less than 1 gm.
  • Black Silk Tussah, less than 1 gm.
  • Strong black thread, 1 metre.
  • 45cm 12 gauge Aluminium floral wire. 
  • Size 32, 36, 38, 40 needle and reverse needle.


Downloadable PDF Feltorial with the instructions.

NOT included are • Felting foam (any foam will do, like a car sponge). • Hot water bottle. • Liquid soap. • Cup with hot water. • Iron. • Cardboard cards. • Pointy Tipped Scissors. • Curved Nail Scissors. • Curved Nosed Pliers. • Straight Pliers. • White glue, Craft glue. • Foam Core for template. • Toothpicks. • Clover Felting Brush. • Large Comb. • Hand Sewing Needle. • White Oil Pastel, which you will need. 


To spare nature there are no printed instructions in the kit, you will receive a link to download an extensive PDF Feltorial. 

You can also purchase only the Feltorial: Shop - Feltorials


Why don't you give it a try. One stab at a time, I can guarantee you will enjoy it.

Baby Koala Felting Kit

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