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Baby Possum Felting Kit

'Sleeping Aussie Baby' Possum Felting Kit

Project 2, Level 1.


The second piece is the Western Ring-Tail Possum which has more detailed ears and a curly tail. These extra skills prepare you for the lifelike hooded ears of masterpieces and I introduce some unique wet felting with the aid of a hot water bottle.


I repeat a lot of the foundation skills in this Feltorial as the lesson of repetition is essential for your muscle memory and hand eye coordination. The differences in body shape and posture are there to start training your eye for detail.


This piece takes a little longer to make but not too much. The detail in the ears is time consuming but the skills acquired are crucial for the projects that follow later. There are two needles in this kit, the 36 and 38 so you will learn how they feel compared to each other. This is also a valuable lesson for later on as I use all of my needles all of the time.


The importance of the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ is paramount in this Feltorial as the tail needs to be coaxed into a curled up posture. The skill of gently stabbing and only using the very tip of the needle. Further strengthening those felting muscles!


By the time you have done these first two Feltorials you will be ready to move onto more detail and that’s exactly what the Quoll will teach you next.


Included in the kit:

· A ball of Romney Core about 8—10 gms.

· Unprocessed Corriedale wool, about 2 gms.

· Shetland Top Coat in 4 colours; brown 5 gms, grey 5 gms, white 2 gms, black 1 gms.

· Pink Merino, barely 1 gms.

· Size 36 and 38 Needle.

Downloadable PDF Feltorial with the instructions.

NOT included are Felting foam (any foam will do, like car sponge), hot water bottle, liquid soap and pins which you will need. 


To spare nature there are no printed instructions in the kit, you will receive a link to download an extensive PDF Feltorial. In 25 pages, with almost 70 pictures and written instructions, Reena takes you step by step through the process.

You can also purchase only the Feltorial: Shop - Feltorials


Why don't you give it a try. One stab at a time, I can guarantee you will enjoy it.

Baby Possum Felting Kit

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