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Baby Quoll Felting Kit

'Sleeping Aussie Baby' Quoll Felting Kit

Project 3, Level 1


Now that you have mastered the Numbat and the Ringtail Possum you are ready to be rewarded with the spectacular Spotted- Tail Quoll. His spots are a treat to create and the technique used is a very important one for later detailed work and you will be off to the glossary again to learn new terminologies.


I repeat myself again in the foundations of this Feltorial but by now you know how important this repetition is so get on with it. This is a larger lesson and I am going to be challenging you to be a more dedicated stabber. So your felting muscles will be stretched again, but just enough as the amount of spots you put on are your choice.


With a much more detailed head and tight little ears with contrast inner colour, you will enjoy the results of creating such fine lifelike features. All made possible with the skills you have grown organically up to this point. There are three needles in this kit, 32,36 and 38 and you will learn to create heavy sculpting with this new 32 needle.


The Quoll is a big confidence builder and prepares you for Level 2, The Phascogale. There is one more important lesson before we get there though and that’s why I’ve designed the Tassie Devil who is up next.


Included in the kit:

· A ball of Romney Core about 8—10 gms.

· Unprocessed Corriedale wool, about 5 gms.

· Shetland Top Coat in 4 colours; brown 5 gms, grey 5 gms, white 2 gms, black 1 gms.

· Pink Merino, barely 1 gm.

· Size 32, 36 and 38 Needle.

Downloadable PDF Feltorial with the instructions.

NOT included are Felting foam (any foam will do, like car sponge), hot water bottle and liquid soap which you will need. 


To spare nature there are no printed instructions in the kit, you will receive a link to download an extensive PDF Feltorial. In 30 pages, with almost 100 pictures and written instructions, Reena takes you step by step through the process. 

You can also purchase only the Feltorial: Shop - Feltorials


Why don't you give it a try. One stab at a time, I can guarantee you will enjoy it.

Baby Quoll Felting Kit

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