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Baby Quoll Sculpture

When I first discovered needle felting I was influenced immensely by the fibre artists of the Northern Hemisphere. Most of the great teachers were making some sort of sleeping creature. I have to admit I am still a fan of baby bunnies, foxes, mice and cats, however I can't promote them here in Australia.


I have always been very connected to the bush. I have always lived amongst it and respected the unique wild life we have here in Australia. With this needle felted Quoll I am raising awareness around our unique Aussie creatures.


This Quoll is one of my 'Sleeping Aussie Baby' series. There are 12 in total, collect them all!

Baby Quoll Sculpture

  • · Long coated fur should NOT be combed or brushed

    · Use a large needle to gently straighten the fur.

    · Trim any stray hairs rather then pulling them.

    · Keeping your sculpture behind glass is preferable.

    · Be aware of pets trying to kill your sculpture.

    · Moths also like your sculpture. If you suspect moth activity, put your sculpture into the freezer for at least 14 days.

    · Dust can be gently be brushed off with a clean makeup brush.

    · Should something happen to your sculpture, surgery is an option.

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