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# 8 Baby Tawny Frogmouth Feltorial

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Feltorial 'Sleeping Aussie Baby' Tawny Frogmouth

Project 8 - Level 2.


Now it’s time to learn how to attach a long coat. This is a different result to reverse felting however you will still be using the reverse needle extensively in this Feltorial. I will introduce you to the ‘Esther Method’ and tell you all about how I learned this technique. The skills you have learned up till now are all repeated and enhanced as I challenge you to create a beak and feet from wool.


This is a sculpture that requires a strong solid core for top coat attachment so you will be getting those felting guns out again. Using lots of strategic knots and the extra fine needle these micro movements will prepare you for the advanced level coming up in the next project.


The claws of these babies are optional but worth the effort and Learning curve. I had no idea how I would create such delicate toes with a claw without an armature! I just made it up as I went along, it’s just wool so keep pushing it!


As I’ve said before, the repetition is so important to help you hone your magic. Why don’t you make a clutch of Tawny chicks. The skills gained in this Feltorial are important for the big picture.


In 34 pages, with 134 pictures and written instructions, Reena takes you step by step through the process of creating your own Tawny Frogmouth. 


To make this Tawny you will need:

  • A ball of (light) Romney core or any other core wool about 20 gms.

  • White Corriedale about 5 gms.

  • White Icicle Synthetic about 5 gms.

  • White Fake Cashmere about 1 gm.

  • Raw Gold Corriedale, less than 1 gm.  

  • Raw Bronze Corriedale, less than 1 gm. 


Tools needed: 
• Size 32, 36, 38, 40 needles and a reverse needle. • Felting foam (any foam will do, like a car sponge). • Glasses or protective goggles. • Pointy tipped scissors. 
• Curved nail scissors. • White Glue. • Toothpicks. • Gloves. • Face mask.  • Vacuum cleaner. • Clothes brush. • Apron. • Baking paper. • Marker or pencil 
Additional: • Cardboard cards 


You can also purchase the kit under Shop - Needle Felting Kits


Why don't you give it a try. One stab at a time, I can guarantee you will enjoy it.

# 8 Baby Tawny Frogmouth Feltorial

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