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#7 Baby Wombat Feltorial

You will receive a link to download your PDF Feltorial in the Thank You page of the check out, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.


Feltorial 'Sleeping Aussie Baby' Wombat

Project 7 - Level 2.


There is no template in this Feltorial as it’s important to start visualising more and learning to trust your instinct.  There is, however, a map of the detail of the paw pad. There are loads of photos showing each stage of core construction. With new techniques to create limbs and two, very detailed paw pads that are painted with wool to layer the shading. How to create claws and eyelids from wool. The reverse needle is used extensively to create the illusion of hair and supporting attachment of limbs. Also the use of different fibres as core and the use of knots in the core to help create features. 
The repetition of many techniques from the previous projects and the addition of more diverse methods, means this Feltorial is jam packed with detail oriented learning.  


In 34 pages, with 145 pictures and written instructions, Reena takes you step by step through the process of creating your own Wombat. 


To make this Wombat you will need:

  • A ball of (dark) Romney core or any other core wool about 20 gms.
  • Brown, Dark Grey and Grey Shetland wool, about 2 gms of each colour.
  • Light Grey Corriedale, about 2 gms.
  • Dark Pink, Camel, Grey-Brown and Choc Brown Merino, about 1gms of each colour.
  • Skin Pink Merino, about 2 gms.
  • Raw Bronze Corriedale, about 2 gms.
  • Raw Gold Corriedale, about 1 gm. 


Tools needed: 
• Size 32, 36, 38, 40 needle and reverse needle. • Felting foam (any foam will do, like a car sponge). • Pointy tipped scissors. • Curved nail scissors. • White Glue. •Toothpick. • Extra Heavy skewer or Chopstick. • Baking Paper. • Pink Marker. • Clover brush. • Iron. 
Optional: • Hot water bottle. • Liquid soap. • Cup with hot water. • Cardboard cards.


You can also purchase the kit under Shop - Needle Felting Kits


Why don't you give it a try. One stab at a time, I can guarantee you will enjoy it.

#7 Baby Wombat Feltorial

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