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Bert, the Emu Chick

Little Bert was created as an experiment. I wasn't sure I could make those legs. I certainly suffered the side effects of stabbing wool so closely to the armature. I had many injuries and there was a lot of stabbing required to get these results.


Bert has a polymer clay beak and black beads for eyes. The rest of him is all wool. Made on a Romney core with Shetland and Alpaca feathers and crossbreed legs and toenails. He is capable of minimal posing and stands unaided.


He is such a character and a pleasure to hold. His best place would be in a glass cabinet safe from moths, children and pets. 


Size 20 x 15 x 8 cm.

Bert, the Emu Chick

  • · Long coated fur should NOT be combed or brushed

    · Use a large needle to gently straighten the fur.

    · Trim any stray hairs rather then pulling them.

    · Keeping your sculpture behind glass is preferable.

    · Be aware of pets trying to kill your sculpture.

    · Moths also like your sculpture. If you suspect moth activity, put your sculpture into the freezer for at least 14 days.

    · Dust can be gently be brushed off with a clean makeup brush.

    · Should something happen to your sculpture, surgery is an option.


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