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Daisy May Newborn Merino Lamb

One day a little lamb came into my world. I was instantly inspired to recreate her in complete detail. As all I had was coat hangers for armature wire strong enough, she is not very moveable and only has one pose.


She was a great lesson in “less is more” as I experimented to create the gangly legs with hip bones protruding and that general crunched up posture they have before they have unfolded in the sunshine.

She has an umbilical cord made from Claytastic and fibre and her feet are Polymer clay filled with Claytastic. Her coat is that of a real new born lamb which came off due to the stress of no colostrum. Sadly a lot of orphaned lambs don’t make it and these didn’t make it but I was left with a wonderful commemoration piece.


She is very sturdy but ultimately an art work which should be kept behind glass and away from dust, moths, children and pets.


Great for photo shoots or wool displays. Her personality is infectious and she even has a teeny Twinkie and little boobies.


She is life sized and stands


Size 42 x 30 x 16 cm

Daisy May Newborn Merino Lamb

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  • · Long coated fur should NOT be combed or brushed

    · Use a large needle to gently straighten the fur.

    · Trim any stray hairs rather then pulling them.

    · Keeping your sculpture behind glass is preferable.

    · Be aware of pets trying to kill your sculpture.

    · Moths also like your sculpture. If you suspect moth activity, put your sculpture into the freezer for at least 14 days.

    · Dust can be gently be brushed off with a clean makeup brush.

    · Should something happen to your sculpture, surgery is an option.


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