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Dark Romney, Washed 100g

100 gram, Dark Romney Core wool


This amazing core wool is outsourced from a local Romney breeder Kerry Reid from Two Bridges Romney. I purchase raw fleeces and process them for all of my Sleeping Aussie Baby kits.


This versatile core is unique in it's nature because it can be pulled apart as easily as it is stabbed together which makes it wonderful for beginners. It has a lot of room for top coat application and comes together in a nice solid sculpture at the end.


The natural colours of Romney fleece suit the Aussie Creatures perfectly, as it also makes for great fur when reverse felted. Because they can be patchy sheep there are possible variations of colour in each bag.


Very little VM. Easy to process and a joy to stab.


Raw: straight from the sheep's back to you. Guaranteed VM and second cuts.

Washed: lovingly washed but unprocessed. Some VM and second cuts.

Batts: washed, painstakingly picked and carded. Minimal VM and second cuts.

Dark Romney, Washed 100g

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