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Gold Corridale, Washed 80g

80 gram, Washed Gold Corridale


This amazing core wool is outsourced from a local breeder Diane Della Vedova from Snake Hill. I purchase raw fleeces and process them for all of my Sleeping Aussie Baby kits.


This versitile core is unique in it's nature because it can be used as core or top coat. Makes amazing fine ears, core for eyelids and wet felts incredably well. It has a beautiful natural lustre which is why we have labelled it Gold.


The natural colours of the Corridales suit the Aussie Creatures perfectly. Because they are coloured sheep there are variations within each fleece, so each bag is a little different.


Very little VM. Easy to process and a joy to stab. Wet felts like a dream and used for Bilby ears in the Sleeping Aussie Baby Series.


Raw: straight from the sheep's back to you. Guaranteed VM and second cuts.

Washed: lovingly washed but unprocessed. Some VM and second cuts.

Batts: washed, painstakingly picked and carded. Minimal VM and second cuts.

Gold Corridale, Washed 80g

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