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Meerkat Kit

One of my private students wanted to make a meerkat so we made the first few steps along side each other. As we finished hers I abandoned mine and left her in the unfinished pile.


Then someone stole a baby meerkat from the Perth Zoo and I couldn’t believe it. I decided to “jump on the band wagon” and finish mine. She turned out very cute and full of personality. I had great pleasure posting her picture along side the stolen one stating that I didn’t need to steal one I just made one!


She is a very cute piece and is a little flexible but mostly in this set position reclining and looking adorable.


Created from Romney core with alpaca hair held on with wet felted Corridale and finally the hair has been reverse felted out and trimmed to length. Nails are wool with PVA glue. The black on her face is shaded with a permanent marker. Black beads for eyes and a hand made Claytastic nose.


The bowl is not included but she does come with her pink blankie. I’m sure you have the perfect basket to pop her into. She is very sturdy and able to be handled with care for a cuddle. She can also take a gently brush it she likes being scruffy.


Perfect for your desk at work to make your day worthwhile. Especially if you are a complete Meerkat lover.


Size 30 x 10 x 8 cm.

Meerkat Kit

  • · Long coated fur should NOT be combed or brushed

    · Use a large needle to gently straighten the fur.

    · Trim any stray hairs rather then pulling them.

    · Keeping your sculpture behind glass is preferable.

    · Be aware of pets trying to kill your sculpture.

    · Moths also like your sculpture. If you suspect moth activity, put your sculpture into the freezer for at least 14 days.

    · Dust can be gently be brushed off with a clean makeup brush.

    · Should something happen to your sculpture, surgery is an option.


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