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Outback Core, COMBO Core Pack 250g

Why not try out a combo pack of our Aussie Outback Core for this bargain price. Normally priced at $43.00 this COMBO gives you an opportunity to try and compare some of my favourite core wools.


A total of 250 grams of Fibre, consisting of;

1 x 50g Raw Nelly Core

1 x 50g Nelly Batts (Covid Fleece)

1 x 50g Raw Dobby Core

1 x 100g Washed Romney Core



50 gram, Batts Poll Dorset x Merino Core

50 grams, Raw Poll Dorset x Merino Core


The rustic washed core batts are from our 2020 shearing (hence the Covid titile) and may have very little VM. It is very easy to roll and sculpt. It is a spongy core with an open nature . The fleece allows plenty of room for the addition of topcoat and wet felts well.


The Raw Nelly is very easy to wash, dry, process and make into batts (even with dog brushes) it also fluffs up easily between your fingers.


I like Nelly core because it is easy to open a completed sculpture for the addition of weight. This is something I do to a lot of my sculptures to add that extra element of realism.


Chanel aka Nelly is the matriarch of my little flock. She arrived here a newborn in 2015 with ingrown eyelashes. It’s no wonder she had lost her mum on my friends huge sheep farm, she couldn’t see at all. She was a very robust lamb and after immediate vet treatment she boomed and became the massive personality she is today. One of the smartest creatures I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. It’s a bonus that her wool has so many fabulous qualities too.


She is a Poll Dorset x Merino but leans more toward the Poll Dorset. Her fleece is always the whitest in the paddock on hoof and once shorn, is easy to wash, pick and process on the carding machine. Ironically once processed it has a cream tone to it.


It has a distinct sweet smell of Nelly which is intoxicating and only reflects her beautiful personality. The lanolin softens hands, helps with hand felting and sticking to itself when sculpting.



50gram,  Merino x Border Leicester Core Wool


Freshly sheared, this rustic boutique core is from our 2021 batch and does have a little VM and possible second cuts (although I tried to take as much of these out as I could). It is straight off Dobby's back to you. Easy to wash, dry and process to a bright white. Sculpts quickly and firmly.


Dobby is a shy newcomer who has found a permanent place amongst our flock due to his superior fleece.  He leans more towards the Merino but with the crimps and luster from the BL.


I've really enjoyed trailing this fleece and I'm so happy it is good enough to release to you. I have used Dobby's Core exclusively for my FUN Series as it shrinks well under the Merino topcoat when wet felted. Hope you enjoy the adventure of processing your own core. For processing tips go to my blog.


Romney Core.

100gms pure Romney.


This amazing core wool is outsourced from a local Romney breeder Kerry Reid from Two Bridges Romney.


Used exclusively for the Sleeping Aussie Baby Series, a naturally coloured core which is fabulous for economical stabbing. It holds togehter with only a few tacks. If used with the reverse needle it offers a very natural tonal quality to sculptures and has a bit of a lustre.


This versatile core is unique in it's nature because it can be pulled apart as easily as it is stabbed together which makes it wonderful for beginners. It has a lot of room for top coat application and comes together in a nice solid sculpture at the end or holds it's shape reliably, in a softer sculpture.


Raw: straight from the sheep's back to you. Guaranteed VM and second cuts.

Washed: lovingly washed but unprocessed. Some VM and second cuts.

Batts: washed, painstakingly picked and carded. Minimal VM and second cuts.

Outback Core, COMBO Core Pack 250g

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