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Outback Core, Washed Dobby 50g

50 gram, Merino x Border Leicester Core Wool


Washed and lightly picked ready for you to create your own core. Easy to brush up with carding or dog brushes and an absoloute pleaure to put through the drum carder. Used exclusively in my FUN Series as it is open enough to recieve a fine Merino top coat and wet felts perfectly.


Dobby is a shy newcomer who has found a permanent place amongst our flock due to his superior fleece.  He leans more towards the Merino but with the crimps and luster from the BL.


I've really enjoyed trailing this fleece and I'm so happy it is good enough to release to you. I used Dobby's fleece exclusively for my FUN Series as it responds well to wet felting of the Merino topcoat. Hope you enjoy the adventure of processing your own core. For processing tips go to my blog.


Raw: straight from the sheep's back to you. Guaranteed VM and second cuts.

Washed: lovingly washed but unprocessed. Some VM and second cuts.

Batts: washed, painstakingly picked and carded. Minimal VM and second cuts.

Outback Core, Washed Dobby 50g

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