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Serene, the Sphynx

This beautiful Sphynx Cat 'Serene' is exactly that. Such a soft and gentle sculpture. She was a joy to make and was an experiment with my mixture of Cheviot and Suffolk core wool. Covered in Merino and then chalked for colour highlights.

The wrinkle's are the massive time factor. She has weight pellets inside to give her stability. 

Serene is not a toy and should be protected in a glass cabinet. She can be handled and is very sturdy. 
She stands at 22cm.

Serene, the Sphynx

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  • · Long coated fur should NOT be combed or brushed

    · Use a large needle to gently straighten the fur.

    · Trim any stray hairs rather then pulling them.

    · Keeping your sculpture behind glass is preferable.

    · Be aware of pets trying to kill your sculpture.

    · Moths also like your sculpture. If you suspect moth activity, put your sculpture into the freezer for at least 14 days.

    · Dust can be gently be brushed off with a clean makeup brush.

    · Should something happen to your sculpture, surgery is an option.


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