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One of the biggest reasons I am so keen to get everyone stabbing is because it is a wonderful distraction from anxiety, stress and depression. These conditions of the mind are debilitating and everyone has to deal with it in some form at some stage in their lives. It’s just not possible to escape it so the next best thing is to manage it in a positive way.

Addiction is all so often the answer to this state of mind as addiction arises from a euphoria which is a result of the said state when we self medicate. This being said I am hoping to create a worldwide addiction to the needle, and using it to stab.

Now, I know how that all sounds I even had it said to me today from another Aussie stabber that she was addicted to the pokies! All of this is a lot of fun and helps to command the sense of humour in our Aussie target market. Because once they start stabbing and realise the freedom that is achieved in the mind when doing so, this art-form will finally be a world wide phenomenon.

I have watched and been inspired by hundreds of amazing fibre artists in the rest of the world and the handful in Australia and wondered why it is this hasn’t caught on like wildfire yet. When I realise the important word is YET. This brings me to present day and my endeavours to build a solid business where all Aussies can come to learn my style of fibre art.

Creating a creature that is endangered or extinct has become the new source of my own personal depression. Each creature that is replicated comes with extensive study and research about the said creature. As I progress through these amazing and unique Australian natives I am reminded of their plight. This leaves me with such an overwhelming sense of gloom and doom.

I work through this feeling by hoping with all of my heart that I can help to effect a change in the world. Hoping that the creatures can be the teachers and more humans will wake up and take care of what we have left. This gives me a sense of purpose and a reason to stab. Then the stabbing takes me to the side of my brain that doesn’t think. It’s an instinctive place for me now that my muscle memory and hand eye coordination are all in tune. This instinctive place is sheltered from the noise of the world and full of wonder.

I wonder means I do nowadays as I simply don’t even take the time to wonder anymore. I think the only thing I’m really concentrating on is NOT stabbing myself! And when I do it’s not that bad, and for those who self harm this is nothing. At the end of this stabathon there is a cute little creature curled up in your hand and just like any birth, the pain was all worth it.

So this form of addiction and self medication is highly effective in the battle of the worlds latest epidemic, I can’t recommend it highly enough, why don’t you give it a try and then just keep stabbing.


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