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How to store needle felted sculptures.

I have always loved creating my own custom packaging and now that I have so many delicate sculptures the importance of it is even more evident. In my opinion there is only one way to protect hairy 3D sculptures and that is with SATIN. Both when creating them and when packaging them.

I emphasized 'satin' because its important; not silk, not velvet, not even jersey or lycra! No, no, NO it MUST be SATIN. Just like a satin pillow case stops the fuzzies when sleeping the satin also protects the sculptures. This being said I'm positive that some sculptures are less delicate and can be put into tissue. I am a big fan of satin as I'm a real "shiney, shiney girl" deep down and love a bit of bling.

Some are in their own compartments like the Sleeping Aussie Baby Series above with the satin organically falling into the pockets. Then I have some that are just wrapped in a handkerchief of satin and popped into the perfect "off the shelf box" with no alteration needed. It's important to put a moisture cell, or even two with a bigger sculpture, as the fibre breathes and can sweat.

Some satin's are better than others but they all work. My favourite satin comes from the thrift store in the form of old sheet sets. I find they are never that 'old' as they rarely get used before becoming second hand.

Miss Evie the Kangaroo has been in her box for a very long time now. I have created a bridge of foam under her neck and a cavity under her whiskers. This means the whiskers don't make contact with anything and are suspended. Then I have created a rather large lump of foam under the satin in the lid of the box. This keeps her snugly in position and the box can be shaken with out her moving. She has traveled across Australia and been taken in and out of my luggage, and her box, over a four week period and no damage was done. Even my little giraffe went from Western Australia to Vienna Austria without moving once.

Once I have completed a sculpture and offered it for sale I no longer consider it as mine and therefor package and store it. My shelf has many sculptures that have been taken out of sight. This helps me to crave the creating process again. It wasn't long and I had a collection and needed to open a shop!

In my experience the best shops have the best packaging. Sometimes the box is as big a deal as the sculpture and I enjoy making that extra effort. After all these are masterpieces that deserve first class treatment, just like my clients.

So start collecting those boxes and visiting the thrift stores. Then you know what the most important thing is don't you?

Just keep stabbing!


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