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Processing Dobby into Core wool

Dobby is the best core wool producer of my first years breeding. He is the son of Esme (Merino) and Ragnar (Border Lester/Poll Dorset x Merino). I would really like to encourage everyone to process their own raw fleece. Not only for the great techniques you will learn, but also to avoid processing costs. It's a great way to create core for yourself so that you can experiment freely with your needle felting.

In the following videos I will show you a couple of my favorite methods to process raw fleece into core wool. I'm using Dobby's fleece here, but this method works for all types of core wool (shorter stapled coarser fibre). You would not use this method to wash finer fibres for spinning.

The method in Videos 2 and 4 are more suitable for the finer fibres, not my preferred method for core wool. Check out video 3 and 5 for faster ways to process larger amounts of core wool.



Producing bats

I'm constantly inspired by other fibre artists. And I'm always looking for new things to learn, so if you have any other fabulous ideas, please share them in the comments.


If you would like to know how to process an entire fleece at once, check out my other blog HERE.

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