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the FAM (the Fibre Art Market) LIVE.


First of all I want to thank you all for the amazing feedback I've had from my last blog. As I said this is a new experience for me and I can only do it if I'm completely myself, so I really appreciate you for enjoying it.

As the title suggests this is a blog about my NEW group called "the FAM" because all fibre nuts are really one BIG FAMILY. Although I create sculptures to sell and teach others how to needle felt, I am not opposed to being surrounded by others who do the same or other genres.

This is some of my sisters fibre work.

I am surrounded by sisters who crochet and sew, creating patterns and sculptures for everyone to drool over. If you have anything that is fibre related (because its too hard for me to list every fibre genre) and you want to sell it in this group, then go for it !!

This really is a case of the MORE the MERRIER and coming up to Christmas I really need somewhere to find everyone without having to sift through my notifications thread. Like I said in my last blog I really don't have time for the internet. So INVITE all of the fibre friends you can think of and direct your clients to this platform and then advertise your butt off !!.


I created the group "Felt Obsessed" (FO) in early 2016. This group has been very successful and boasts more than 8.8K members. In this time there have been NO RULES to follow, as I believe we are all grown up enough to self regulate. This group has so many amazing and talented felt artists posting and I can no longer keep up with my old behaviour of commenting and encouraging EVERY single artist that posts.

In this whole time there have been ZERO issues with the page running smoothly. Unlike some other pages it just seems very calm, I only have to deal with the odd reported contend because its not felt related. I have only ever had to mediate one or two conversations. I have NEVER had to MUTE or BLOCK anyone EVER.


I am so empowered by the maturity and wisdom of humans when they take responsibility for themselves. Bringing these humans together is an explosive experience and its one I want to facilitate.

So now its time to have a BIGGER fibre related group and this time it needs to focus on SALES. We all need a place to advertise in this new world of internet shopping. Personally I am over breaking rules accidentally. I like to post my work with a link to my website or my school of stabbing. Otherwise how will anyone know where to find me. This new group gives me a platform to sell my wares but I want other teachers and creators of all fibre "stuff" to join me.

I'm not one to think I'm everyone's answer to everything except right now. I believe this is every fibre business' answer to FREE exposure. The LIVE aspect of this group is very important as we learn to understand the way socials promote our content. Getting exposed to the right demographic is paramount. Socials promote LIVE feeds ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE. You should also be going live on your business pages, directing them to "the FAM."

Going live when everyone else is doing it is a lot less daunting than flying solo on your own page so get familiar with this NUMBER ONE way to sell NOW !!

the FAM (the Fibre Art Market) LIVE

Over on "the FAM" I want you to go LIVE as much as you can and always put your business link into the title. This is where you tell customers what you sell, whether its sculptures, your Etsy page, classes you teach, events you are attending (or think others might like to attend), looking to fill your commissions list or even if you make patterns for crochet or knitting or sell PDF's. If its FIBRE related then bring it on and keep it coming.

I plan to organize some future events with in "the FAM"and there will be future blogs on this subject. Events that lift fibre art into the ART WORLD, especially, interest me but I would really like to know what your guys all want, whether you are a customer or a business. I will create some future polls when we are established.

If I have invited you its because FB suggested you to me when I was creating the group. If I haven't invited you its because I haven't worked out how to yet. This is all a learning curve for everyone. Just go over and join, start posting LIVE content as soon as you want. Don't worry about the time or who is watching. Speak straight away as if you have a crowd and then the crowd will come, even if its only in replay. These consumers will want to watch you again if they enjoy your banter and become engaged. So avoid quite moments when all we can hear are crickets in the background. It's better to sign off and restart if it goes horribly wrong, you don't have to share it if its a disaster. However even your BAD LIVE has been incredibly GOOD for "the FAM" algorithms and ultimately very good your your business.

If you just have a sculpture that you want to show us and its not for sale then pop over to FO (Felt Obsessed) and post it there. I will do my best to see it and comment but the truth is if you want to ask me something all you have to do is drop me an email.


Now, I hear you wondering if this will get messy. To be honest Its quite possible but if we just keep it simple I shouldn't need any help. Which is why I made it FREE to participate as a buyer or a seller. Buyers may like to ask for sellers to show them their wares of a particular nature. In which case you would share your links on that feed. Its all about being in the moment because this is how the world works now and we all have to keep up.

I envisage the albums may get clogged up but I'm certain its few that use them and a search will always get you results immediately. If you are window shopping then you clearly have time to sift through pictures and live replays. This is a great way to research and learn as many artists show tips and examples in their LIVE appearances.

The idea is to be ever present in the moment here and keep it engaging and entertaining otherwise customers just wont want to watch you or look at your wares. The best way to do this is to be yourself. Do the things you love on camera and keep making it look better and better. Not everyone will like you or want to watch you but this is how it is for all of us, without exception. So being yourself is paramount because that becomes very easy to repeat and refine.

So now all I need is your contribution to this amazing, virtual Fibre Arts Market in order to create the BEST and BIGGEST, FREE and EASY group to post in and also the number one place to shop for anything fibre related.


All one big fluffy FAMily ... Rx

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Jack Dumfries
Jack Dumfries
Jul 26, 2023

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