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Muscle memory and hand eye coordination

Repetition is an important tool when training for a marathon. Just like learning to play a tune we need to start slowly and methodically to achieve results. As we continue to perform the same patterns we become better and faster at performing the said action.

Muscle memory is the first step as we must be able to trust the hand with the needle not to stab the hand that is holding the work. I know this might sound funny but if I get tired my righty is more likely to attack my lefty with the needle and these days that’s usually my call to quit and go to bed.

If I am using a new technique I always have to slow right down until my brain has remembered the repetitions again. Just like the muscle memory the muscle strength has to be built up too. At first we can only stab for a short period of time and this often leads to frustration when we just want to finish our creature. It’s very easy to over do it while our minds are in this blissful place of stabbing. I have my alarm set on my phone for every two hours. This forces me to stand up have a drink and go to the bathroom, and maybe eat something. Don’t forget to do these things for yourself too.

Our hand eye coordination is also a very big factor. We can’t expect it to be all in sync at first, it takes time to build those skills so be patient and before you know it you won’t even think about it much like driving a car.

Training our eyes for detail is no different either. In my Feltorials I have endeavoured to expose you to more and more detail in a very organic way. Allowing the details to be seen and once they have, they cannot be unseen really. Building up your repertoire of detail driven skills means more and more realistic work, one stab at a time, so get started today. Then you know what to do, just keep stabbing.


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